About Dugger

Hello to all baseball fans. Welcome to my
page! I hope you find my writing to be thought-provoking and
give you something to discuss with other fellow baseball fans
and share your insights with one another. I graduated from
Penn State in 2005 with a degree in Professional Writing. I
reside in Reading, PA (Baseballtown!). I’ve played the game
of baseball since I was a little boy. I have always loved
baseball and hockey. I enjoy other sports; however, baseball
and hockey are my passions. I love watching Phillies baseball
(or any baseball). I remember how heartbreaking it was when
Joe Carter hit that homerun. I remember the joy of seeing the
Phillies win the World Series. Over the years, players come
and go; front offices change; but the one constant is
baseball. The game will always be the same, and it is
timeless. I hope you enjoy this page and that it appeals to
your passion for baseball. – Dugger –


Sports (mostly baseball and hockey),
reading, writing.