My Current All-Stars (May 31, 2010)

Clearly, ballot-stuffers have no shame and are the very embodiment of what is wrong with fan voting.  Fans of every team do it, but this year’s biggest ballot-stuffers appear to be the fans of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Despite the slump Jayson Werth is in, I can understand voting for him.  I also understand voting for Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley.  But voting for Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino?  I would vote for Victorino if his AVG were much higher.  Victorino has played fantastic defense this season and has over 30 RBIs while batting either first or seventh in the batting order!  If only his AVG were higher…

The absurdity of fan voting is exactly why it was foolish of Bud Selig to award home field advantage to the winner of the All-Star Game.  Such a meaningful advantage falls to the hands of the fans, many of which are clueless and biased twits!  I feel bad for the fans who do know their baseball and do vote for players that deserve to make the team.  Their votes are being drowned out by the clueless masses.

As I’ve said in an earlier entry, I will vote for the players I believe are worthy of a starting spot at each position, including the starting pitcher.  I will publish my final lineup on June 27.

National League
C:  Carlos Ruiz
1B:  Albert Pujols
2B:  Chase Utley
3B:  Casey McGehee
OF:  Ryan Braun
OF:  Andre Ethier
OF:  Carlos Gonzalez
DH:  Jason Heyward

SP:  Ubaldo Jimenez

I know, everybody in Philadelphia (hopefully) knows and everybody in Toronto knows that Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball.  Nevertheless, I can’t vote for him in good conscience while Ubaldo Jimenez has an ERA under 1.00 at this time.

I was tempted to vote for Joey Votto as the DH; however, I couldn’t ignore Jason Heyward’s current numbers.

American League
C:  Joe Mauer
1B:  Justin Morneau
2B:  Robinson Cano
3B:  Evan Longoria
SS:  Elvis Andrus
OF:  Ichiro Suzuki
OF:  Carl Crawford
OF:  Vladimir Guerrero
DH:  Miguel Cabrera

SP:  David Price

For the next few weeks, I expect David Price and Matt Garza to compete with one another for my vote.  While Vladimir Guerrero has been the DH for the Texas Rangers, putting him in the outfield (a position he has played numerous times in his career) was the only way I could fit Guerrero, Miguel Cabrera and Justin Morneau into the lineup together.

I will publish my final lineup on June 27.  At that time, I will finally cast my votes on to vote for the position players I believe are worthy of a spot.


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