Phillies’ Bats Betray Moyer Again


Less than 24 hours after Roy Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in Major League history (in a 1-0 win), the Phillies’ offense sputtered once again.  Anibal Sanchez and the Marlins’ bullpen blanked the Phillies in yet another 1-0 game.

Jamie Moyer pitched an excellent game, allowing one earned run in six innings.  Moyer has now lost three consecutive starts; he allowed only two earned runs in a May 19 loss to the Cubs.  I lay the blame on the anemic offense.  Prior to Moyer’s three-game losing streak, he had a three-game winning streak.

Jamie Moyer in last six starts
6.56 IP per start
3.66 ERA
1.02 WHIP

Jamie Moyer during winning streak
7.11 IP per start
3.80 ERA
0.75 WHIP

Jamie Moyer during current losing streak
6 IP per start
3.50 ERA
1.11 WHIP

Jamie Moyer vs. NL East
3.55 ERA
0.95 WHIP

Moyer clearly has good numbers during both his three-game winning streak and three-game losing streak.  The Phillies are just merely struggling to generate any offense.  I say there is no cause for alarm, as the Phillies are prone to hot streaks and cold streaks with the bat; however, I do empathize with the fans’ frustrations with the offense.  It must be very annoying for the pitchers as well.

Jayson Werth is hitless in his last 17 at-bats; Werth has seen his AVG dip from .359 on May 7 to .295 after today’s game.  Werth was 0/4 with four strikeouts in today’s game.  I would recommend sitting Werth out for about two games and let Ross Gload play.  Having a few days off might serve Werth well and give him time to work with the hitting coach.


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