Halladay Flawless As Phillies Win


Once again, the Philadelphia Phillies’ offense struggled.  In their defense, they had to face Florida Marlins ace Josh Johnson.  The good news:  one run would be all that was needed, as Roy Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in Major League history!  Halladay struck out 11 hitters in his 115-pitch masterpiece.  Johnson received a tough luck loss as the Phillies’ lone run was an unearned run.


Roy Halladay

1.99 ERA
0.99 WHIP
86 IP
70 K
12 BB
5 CG

Halladay’s incredible numbers only make those who criticized him or his pitch counts look more foolish than they already were.  Halladay is used to throwing 100+ pitches in a game; Phillies fans should just simply relax and let him work his magic.

Very few tough defensive plays were needed tonight, as Halladay’s dominating performance gave the defense an easy job.  Wilson Valdez, Juan Castro and Chase Utley made the only tough plays presented to the Phillies tonight.

Roy Halladay vs. NL East
0.64 ERA
0.62 WHIP
37 K
4 BB
3 CG


  • 20th perfect game in Major League history
  • second perfect game in Phillies’ history (Jim Bunning threw the first)

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