Pedro Martinez first impressions

At the moment, Pedro Martinez has four innings in the books as a Philadelphia Phillie.  My first impressions of him?  Pretty darn good!

Martinez obviously won’t be the same pitcher he was in the 1990s; however, I’d have to say he looks like he can still be an above-average pitcher in the majors.  His fastball was consistently between 88-92 mph tonight (peaking at 94 mph).  In my opinion, he still has a grade-A changeup and a well-moving slider.  Martinez is a master of his craft.  He did an excellent job of setting up hitters and painting the corners for strikes.

The only knock I have on Martinez tonight is that he didn’t seem to have excellent command of his fastball (looked both good and bad tonight).  If a few more starts will help him regain the command on his fastball, he should be an even more dangerous pitcher then.

Overall, a very good performance by Martinez.  He should prove to be a reliable pitcher who can deliver 4-6 innings and keep the Phillies in position to win games.  Martinez will probably get rocked once in a while, but might also turn back the clock and dominate once in a while.  For the most part, I think he’ll be just fine and produce consistent quality starts.


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