Drunken idiots at games

During the bottom of the 5th inning tonight, an idiotic Cubs fan threw a beer at Shane Victorino while Victorino attempted to make a catch at the warning track.

I understand that fans are passionate about their teams; however, there is no need to throw anything onto the field at all!  Regardless of who your favorite teams or players are, fans need to RESPECT THE GAME.  No one player is above the game; likewise, neither are the fans.  Dishing out money to buy tickets doesn’t entitle one to be a complete *** at a game.

If you want to be an ***, then I highly recommend that you keep it within the privacy of your own home.  The Cubs have enough losers on the field; they don’t need more in the stands!



  1. davlewin@hotmail.com

    I agree with you that throwing anything, whether it be at a player or on the field, is wrong and disrespectful. The fans that do that maybe losers, but that is no reason to call the Cubs players losers.
    Crane Kenney and Lou Piniella appologized to Victorino for the incident and I would be willing to bet some of the Cubs players did too. The Cubs filed a complaint, along with Victorino, with the Chicago police to make sure this does not happen again. The fan could be brought up on assault charges.

  2. dgenerate23

    thank you for calling our team a bunch of losers on the field cause i would love to see you hit of your pitching staff or pitch to you lineup. you do realize like the poster above me said that our managment and players apoligized to “the Flying Hawiann” for the jerk in the stands at wrigley last night but im not sure what makes you much better when you go calling another team a bunch of losers as a fan i am appalled that you do that but by the way i would like to take this chance to thank you and your phillies for one of those losers who played in chicago by the name of Ryne Sandberg. still the one of the most one sided trade in the history of baseball.

  3. benaniahrb@hotmail.com

    I wouldn’t EVER call the Cubs losers. Not ever! After all, that 1908 team was…well…they must have really been something else!
    Go Cards!

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